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Professional cooperation plan

1. Are you a new broker or do you have a small business and are trying to organize your office? 2. Is internet viewing very expensive and do you have to pay an administrative subscription? 3. Do you feel that promotion on the well-known big portals is unprofitable? 4. Is competition from large Real Estate chains unequal? 5. Are you promoted in an environment in which your representative is advertised along with 5-10 other offices for the same subject through multiple ads? Join in the network of independent partners of REAL ESTATE NET, and enjoy: - low fees without comissions from your sales - recognition nationwide and internationally - exclusivity of representative areas - independent own business - low costs on using the REAL ESTATE NET platform -support - use of trademark - collaborations inside and outside of our network - promotions on social media *Conditions: Have a brokerage license, adhere to the code of conduct of brokers and the operating code of the REAL ESTATE NET's network.

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